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We use many different kinds of Investment Strategies because our highest Value is to protect our Investors Capital. We also use different strategies together in different Projects for Safety, tax benefits, and maximizing growth. Decades of experience is necessary but Designing Projects that are inherently built to grow is the real key to Success. We employ multiple proven proprietary Strategies.

Investing directly into separate Projects is one safe way of protecting your assets and facilitates potentially higher returns on Investments. We need some time to accomplish extraordinary profit potentials. This is especially true when developing properties, creating businesses, and leveraging Insurance Contracts.

We help Create Family Generational Wealth. This is looking into the future and making sure there is safe, secure wealth by design. This takes time but what masterpiece doesn’t? We employ compounding and leveraging of funds as part of our proprietary strategies. 

NO FEES. Did I mention we are not charging Investors Fees? We create projects. The projects (literally Llc’s) create the equity and pay the fees, commissions etc. the same as any business does.

Each Project has its own unique opportunities and potential. Please take a look at the different Projects that are in process & open at this time. We would love to chat and answer any questions you might have. Please send an e-mail to arrange a time. We're on the West Coast so PST. 




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