Business Meeting


A Terrific Partnership

We offer Investment Opportunities to Individuals, Businesses & Churches/Missions. Normally a Private Investor would be someone w/ Cash or some asset they can monetize to Invest in a 'Project'. That is a part of our definition. we like to view the sellers of businesses and/or properties as Investors also. We ask sellers to take a 2nd position Note & sometimes Deed on their own property for a number of reasons, mostly for financing purposes. We also like to ask sellers to 'exchange' Stock for tax purposes & if we can 'get on title' before closing while in escrow, we can actually do a 'Refinance' instead of 'Purchase'. This allows us to obtain financing quicker and easier. A short term 2nd position note is not unusual but it is misunderstood. 

     If the Investment is a larger amount of money it would be a good idea to talk about how we can actually 'Insure' your investments in ways that are very uncommon but real and fantastic if done properly. I would suggest scheduling a time to chat.