15% Interest Guaranteed

We have Projects in process that are looking for Private Investors with a minimum of $50k to invest. We will use the money for a minimum of 1 yr. and we will guarantee 1 yr. of interest (technically this is the same as 15 points). We are buying Commercial Properties in Texas with various amounts of acreage. We are using this land to Develop and Build Energy-Efficient Housing, Manuf. Home Parks, Multi-Family, Equestrian centered businesses and various parts of the Bovine industry such as feed-lots etc. Some of our projects are listed on the website. We can't really go into a lot of details on the Web for obvious reasons but we are happy to schedule a chat for as much time as you would like. We will also email lots of info. upon request :). We may have some equity opportunities as well. Please email to schedule a time to discuss these Opportunities.

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