A Portfolio of Projects

Real Estate Acquisition & Development

Affordable, Energy-Efficient, New SIPS

SFR, RV, Cabins, Multi-Family

We acquire multiple acres of raw land to create Energy-Efficient Affordable Housing Development Projects. These projects inside this Portfolio consist of Single-Family Houses, Cabins, Rv's and Multi-Family Properties. We purchase raw land and land with buildings already on it. We then plat the property, Improve the land and build new E-E Housing for sale and/or Lease. It can be any number of combinations of improvement types on any given property also. We hope we go by what makes sense for each property.

We use Investor Funds for Acquisition, down-payments for hard money new const. loans, initial platting, engineering, and other related costs. There are other initial costs at times but these are the majority of the uses. We leverage the Equity in the project. We also use Debt. Debt is another way of saying we borrow money from lenders like Private and hard-money lenders. This is one way we leverage the equity in order to create more equity. We have never and do not borrow more than around 80% of the value of the project. When we Sell or Refinance to Rent we use the same idea of not over-borrowing. We also use the cash equity from the payoffs or refinancing to continue to acquire, develop & build more housing. You get the idea. I haven't even mentioned how we Insure for safety.

This type of Portfolio has a substantial inherent potential for the growth of Investment funds. I will support the numbers toward the end but we project 15%-40% annual returns. These are not fluffy numbers they are real.

We've done RE Development for over 30 years. We do Private Equity which is the same as saying we use Limited Liability Corporations & Trusts. We are not a public REIT for many reasons.  They require a lot of man-hours, costs, and time, plus they have inherent risks we don't have. We are a middle-sized, agile, flexible hands-on company. 


Each Portfolio of Projects will allow up to 30% Cash &/or Equity Investor funds. The Portfolio will issue, to Investors, up to $1,500,000. The 30% represents a portion of an already identified amount of Stock issued which is $5,000,000. 

NO FEEs on Investor capital.

$1,000 minimum Investment.

Security type is Class B Stock

It is advised that you consult a tax professional to fully understand any potential tax implications.

It is our practice to be as transparent as possible. With this in mind, I offer a scenario, albeit abbreviated, to partially substantiate our claims of optimism. Optimism is defined here by the fact that all of these things have been done in the past and are being done every day as we speak. This Portfolio is being built in Texas for a number of reasons pertaining to ease of obtaining permits, the number of people there & moving there, and then the verifiable need. There are many more advantages. One I should mention also is the amount of useable property available for this type of Investment. These are Extreme Opportunities.

I promised I would give an Example to support our claims of 15%-40% Return on Investment funds. I will send a copy to you if you will send me an email and request it. It is highly detailed and exposes some proprietary formula info. Our business is built on relationship and trust so we'd really prefer to set a time to chat at the same time we email it to you. I think you'll find we are understating potentials.