This is a working definition for this new Bank I call a Private EQuity Banc. It is not insured by the FDIC. It is self Insured. (I have to say these things to keep it legal). I'll explain later.

     SilverWind Capital Management Co. works like other banks but with quite a few twists.

     I will attempt to define this 'Banc' by using some of the things Banks do for examples. Banks take deposits. They have those deposits insured by the FDIC of course, but what do they do with your money? I'm sure you know they use it to make more money. I like to use CD's as an example of giving you a spectacularly low interest to use your money for a very long time comparatively while they grow it for themselves. You may also know they leverage your money by buying and selling it many times over & over. Who benefits? The short answer is the owners of the bank. That could be one or thousands. Be sure you the 'depositor' is not going to benefit much unless you happen to own stock also. Depositors, savings account, checking account holders etc. simply add to the buying power of an entity that is most likely buying Insurance Contracts w/ someone elses money and leveraging it up to about 9 times or more depending on how you look at it. My favorite example is Bank of America,  I 'heard' has approx. $14B in these contracts today to insure their interests not those that 'loaned' them the money to buy the Contracts.

     If you were to visit the page about Insurance here on this website you will find that we are the opposite in our practices. We have created a vehicle that the Depositors become an Investor/owner as a normal part of the process. Let's go back to the CD as an example. We would use private equity, Insurance Contracts to leverage the deposits and in this example the 'CD' buyer would receive a note or something like that which earns 10% interest as opposed to 1% or less. I cannot use the word 'guaranteed' because it would be illegal. But, there are many ways using Private Equity tools such as Notes that legally accomplish what I'm attempting to describe. This 10% in our example could be just the beginning of many more benefits connected to this 'Banc'. 

     We leverage Insurance Contracts also but we would be insuring and growing our 'partners' money as a part of the bigger picture, Entity/Bank/Fund/Llc. etc. This Banc generally speaking will share and grow the wealth WITH its depositors. This is uncommon. 

     This Banc works out of or 'inside' the Insurance Contracts. This means the funds are liquid, safe, secure, growing w/ Interest, tax-free and a special by-product is a lot of life insurance.

     These are broad statements that actually depend on many many factors but this is our 'Foundation'. This is why I say our funds are 'insured'. This is uncommon also. Out of this type of banc can come all types of different uses for the money such as Loans like for development, const, a fixeupper & rental business, business loans of all kinds and the list goes on. This banc can do some of the same sorts of things you're used to, we just do them differently.  We think we're much more customer friendly.  

     This Bank can leverage funds in many other ways than described such as by buying Real Estate &/or Businesses. These are the traditional assets used to create a lot of wealth. Our approach is help Individuals grow their wealth. We usually just need a little time and cooperation. There are many many ways to use the assets that are available. If you e-mail or call Greg he will be happy to help structure a program that works for everyone involved.