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Successful Investments



Thank You for taking the time to look at what we are offering. I hope you will find some very
interesting Opportunities with Options. Some of the Strategies & Processes used have proprietary
information at their core. We are attempting to simplify the presentation of this information with what
hopefully can be seen as extraordinary opportunity. There are 3 unique parts represented by a group and
2 individuals that are responsible as a foundation for what is represented here. Technically, there are 5
individuals represented by thought and experience. Each of us have over 30 yrs of experience in our
multiple & respective fields. We are licensed Professional Engineers, Financial Planners, Contractors,
RE Brokers, Hard Money Lenders, Insurance Brokers, Builders and an Energy Company with patented
Zero Emissions technologies.
There are many opportunities and ways to Invest. What follows are really general guidelines.
There are many Variables and Options. We would suggest taking a look at the information presented,
see where you might fit in and plan to have a conversation with Greg Hanson. He will answer
questions, present and explain what is available. We create ‘Projects’. We create a New LLC for each
project. We work as a private equity firm. We create equity in the different areas we work in. We use
debt in as many ways as possible. These include sellers of Businesses & Properties equity, Commercial
Banks, Hard Money Bridge & New Construction Loans, Private Investor funds, Credit, Insurance
Contracts and refinancing with Lenders with lower rates for permanent loans. None of these Strategies
are new ideas. How we use them in conjunction with the others Is.


Energy-Efficient Housing

There are thousands of properties and opportunities in States such as Texas, Missouri, Arkansas & Kansas for reasons we will explain on the phone. Our ideal property has a house with over 10 acres to build new 800-1600 sq. ft. houses on. Land works also but the financing on land starts at 50% and goes down from there. Remember we are all about the financing. We have a lot of parameters for this type of Development and Construction business & property. We have identified hundreds of these properties to create great opportunities.

We offer Private Investors, Sellers w/ Equity and really anyone w/ an asset they want to use to Invest a

Combination of these general Terms:

  • 10 points

  • 10% Interest

  • 1 yr. Minimum

  • We can leave it this simple.

Potential additional options:

  • Equity in the Project, or many

  • Note & Deed

  • Stock in the New LLC

  • Insurance on the money invested, typically 2x+. This is part of our ‘secret sauce’

Every ‘Project’ & Need is different and have so many options it really requires a conversation to present, explain and answer questions. We would be happy to schedule a time to chat.



We employ the Infinite Banking Concept. We Leverage Insurance Contracts. We are licensed Insurance Brokers. Some have been financial planners for over 35 years. The process we use is not new, How we Use it is. It has some proprietary parts to it but on the whole what and how it works can be & is explained by Insurance Illustration on live Conference Calls. We cannot predict the future but we can use the past to create and guide our way through this process. The results of these processes can be extraordinary. There are some amazing components also that are proven & legal.

In these Contracts your funds can be, as far as possible, Liquid, Guaranteed Safe, no Risk of loss & I save the best for last, Tax-Free. I almost forgot, I call it a byproduct but there are the large amounts of life insurance to deal with also. Depending on the Structure and Time allowed there are other benefits such as an inordinate amount of Interest & Cash or Income these Contracts produce.

We use this Strategy to Insure everything we do including Investor Equity. This is Uncommon to say the least. We can and Partners do these things for Individuals. We use it inside the New LLC’s or Funds that we are creating.

There is a tremendous opportunity to grow your wealth using our process. A lot of people have what I call ‘Dead Equity’. That could be cash in retirement accounts, savings accounts etc, etc, but lets not overlook equity in a home or property. Any Asset that can be monetized can be used. Interest rates are obviously so low right now that it can make sense to put those assets to work. What if you could earn 5% or 10% or 15% Interest or more on that money? People are doing it every day using our strategies! Again, we’d be very happy to schedule a time to chat


Energy Company

We have 13+ Patented Zero Emissions Technologies. One of our Partners is the PE (Professional Engineer). He is recognized Internationally and has worked on projects on every Continent. These patents are World Changing. They are in desperate need globally.

As an example, We can redesign a Coal burning electric plant into a zero emissions coal burning electric plant. We can build Coal burning electric and/or gasification Plants with Zero Emissions anywhere on the planet. The 3 biggest users of coal are the USA, India & China. Imagine how much pollution could be converted into

usable material instead of where its going all day every day now, into the air.

Industrial and Municipal Waste is being buried, piled up in every way and place imaginable. The real problem is it is contaminating our lands, deserts rivers, lakes & drinking water. We can clean every site, including Super Fund sites. Have you heard of the several sites in our oceans w/ unbelievable amounts of plastic wastes all floating together? One of our byproduct is 100% clean water besides electricity, sulfur free diesel, jet fuel and many other usable products. Sewage is preferred as the water source for this process. We can clean the salienated water problems wherever they are such as southern Calif. and the Permian Basin in Texas. We have plans drawn on how to use the floating plastic monsters in our Oceans.

There are 45 million used Tires a yr being produced in Texas. Most of them are being chewed up, chopped up and stored someplace. Our process uses water, as many do, but the part after that are more usable products and no emissions into the atmosphere. Carbon Black is one byproduct it is used as energy that is about 65% of the tire. The last result of our process is an ash that is used to make cement & asphalt stronger.

Cow & Camel Manure is contaminating the ground and water sources. Feedlots and dairies have a literally huge pile of problems to solve. Our zero emissions technologies have a number of solutions using this source, no bull. Organic Fertilizer, a safer bedding for the cows, electricity etc. We can mix the agricultural and wood waste products with this and most other processes. We have plans for an Indoor 12,000 cow dairy w/ cheese factories.

Wall Street

The Opportunity for Investors

There is opportunity for every kind of Investor imaginable in this Business. We are in the process of creating from small waste-to-energy plants to very large Multi-Plant sites. We have designs for many and more opportunities to redesign than can be counted.

  • Private Lenders, Equity Partners

  • Businesses

  • Suppliers (like GE)

  • Commercial Money/ Lenders

  • Governments

  • Private Equity

  • Funds

  • Institutional Lenders