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Infinite Banking is a concept that permeates all of our Processes and Strategies. It is used by many and it is called different names. It is a concept. We use the concept as a foundation & then branch out from there using proprietary processes & strategies. We 'leverage' Investment Funds to very exciting levels. We can 'Illustrate' some of these things by Insurance illustration. We can also create scenarios or projects using this concept and melding a number of different strategies to obtain very unique Investment Opportunities. 

I just wanted to mention that large banking institutions and insurance companies 'leverage' their own assets many times over to 'insure' their businesses. The Bank of America for ex. has approx. $14B in such Contracts. The business is insured along w/ the depositors money also. We think it wise to emulate these business practices. We Leverage, Secure the Safety of the funds and Insure our business along with our Investors funds.