Collaboration Done Well

    The Purpose of the Fund is to Create and Grow Personal and Corporate Wealth. We do this with & for Individuals, Businesses & Churches. Our Mission is to create a Missions Fund that Creates Wealth to be used for Creating Businesses and Jobs. We do this to stop human-trafficking, establish schools, take care of Children, build energy-efficient housing, and anything else we can do to Create a Loving Community, locally and Internationally.

      The Fund is built on the Understanding that our Father the Creator is the One that Owns, Created & Creates all of the Wealth in the World as we know it. He is also the One that gives us the Opportunity to Create, Share & Manage that Wealth. We are all Created in His Image and Gifted in multiple ways to do what He asks us to do. What we have has been given by God & has been given to us to manage for Him and His Kingdom, This includes our Wealth, our Selves,  & our Gifts. Jesus asked us to Go and Make Disciples. In a Real and Practical way, we are in the Process of Identifying Needs and doing what He asked us to do. We have an incredible Message and we have an incredible opportunity to Use what He has entrusted to us. When we meet needs by creating wealth for others it changes hearts, builds loving communities of faith and it grows His Kingdom as He intended.

      The International Christian Community Church Missions Fund is an opportunity to participate in growing Personal Wealth & Simultaneously Creating Wealth with & for Others. This is the intent of the Fund and its Structure. There are many strategies and potential ways of building the Fund. We are using and will use everything we can to ensure its goal. These things can be or get to be complicated. We would ask you to bear with us as we attempt to facilitate and educate as we grow. 

      The Fund grows as your Personal Wealth grows. This is not just our goal it is the very foundation of the structure & processes of growth and creation inside the Fund. With this in mind, things can get confusing & hard to understand especially if a person has little or no experience with the concepts employed. Rest assured the final product for each individual or business that decides to join us will be Insured by written, legal & guaranteed Secure Contracts. We also employ Insurance Contracts & different Insurance Companies for 'Insurance' purposes. We 'Leverage Insurance Contracts' to Create hard to believe mostly tax-free growth & Creation of Wealth. We also grow wealth by creating equity & cash flow through Private-Equity. 

      The Fund Creates Wealth as a Partner with those that choose to join. Assets are used as a base to begin the process. Some have a lot of assets, some have a few and some have very little (or so they think). That is the fun part of creating a Fund like this. Anyone can join and begin the process of growing personal and Kingdom wealth. We will examine every person and situation to Design a personal program or process. If there are assets to begin with we will design a custom program. Some people want to sell their assets and some people will choose to 'Lend' their assets to the Fund. We are not set up to take donations. Most Assets can be monetized and used. The most common would be cash, property &/or businesses. We will design an agreement using the criteria we're given Our intent, again,  is to assist everyone in the Growth of Personal Wealth. This is an Uncommon approach. We've been told. We've also stirred many emotions and questions. We are attempting to be as transparent as we can possibly be in order to answer those questions but also to Create Hope. This Fund is dependent on the Hearts Desires of Gods People to do what He wants them to do. He gives us those Desires and then He Gives....

       Please consider this Introduction as an Invitation to explore how you might be Blessed and how you can share those Blessings and 'Leverage the Kingdom of God' with us.