We are a Private Equity Firm Creating Wealth by Design. We use Crowdfunding to do Projects like Real Estate Development, Leveraging Insurance Contracts, Infinite Banking & other strategies. We Fund these Projects by finding Investors through Crowdfunding & by Using Cash, Equity & Debt. We are very Unique in that we ‘Insure’ all Investment Capital & Equity. This results in a very low Risk of Loss & potentially very high Returns on Investment (projected returns between 15% to 80%).

Cash is the quickest and easiest way to get started investing with us but we can do some other crazy stuff like Welcoming Property Owners that have Equity in their Property & would like to leverage that property & equity by Using our System. We employ our proprietary formulas to Design a Project based on the Development Potential of the ‘Asset’. We leverage assets as a normal part of our business. We can, will, or may merge properties into existing Projects which can also create even more security. We find, create & manage all projects internally so that this process becomes a passive investment for the equity owner, seller, or investor.

Each Project is structured with a limited % amount of Investment Capital &/or Equity. We do this to ensure that the properties & businesses involved in each project are never leveraged beyond a point of Safety or, not-so-common sense.

We also Insure each project by leveraging Insurance Contracts so that each property or business is truly at as low a risk as is possible. This strategy is proprietary.

We have a few decades of experience as Investors, RE Brokers, RE Developers, Contractors, Hard Money & Mortgage Brokers, Private Equity & Insurance Brokers. We have purchased over 150 single-family fixer-upper flipper homes & apartments. Many of these properties became projects that involved planting and adding new houses, manuf. homes units & free dirt (buildable lots). We’ve spent a lifetime of creating wealth through private equity deals, developing properties, finding ‘dead equity’ and ‘free dirt’ to build on. This simply involves creating new Llc’s and private equity ‘Projects’ that stand on their own.

Every Property and Owner, usually seller, has their own set of expectations and needs. We will examine all parts of every scenario to see if we can accommodate everyone's needs. For ex, a property may not be owned free & clear, but, there is equity that can be used. Some may need some cash out of their property for a myriad of reasons. We may need to structure for retirement purposes or a monthly income. These are all doable. We Just need to know all the Needs & Facts to structure & design a scenario that works for everyone.