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At its heart, SilverWind Capital Investment Company LLC is a Private Equity Firm.

We are transparent in our business model. The overriding strategy we utilize is using infinite banking and the leveraging of insurance contracts to create the quickest and safest return of our partners' investments. This process allows for quick liquidity, safety, and potentially tax-free benefits.

OUR SECRET SAUCE... Every investment that is made in our fund is insured so our business partners can rest assured their investment is protected in addition to the significant ROI they will see.  

We are actively looking for investors. Investors are viewed as anyone with assets they want to ‘leverage’. We will design a program for each investor with the right assets or time that will seem ‘too good to be true’. 

Our business believes in giving back and with that in mind we set aside a portion of our profits to support the IC3 Missions Fund.  We believe the creation of businesses and jobs is the only way to stop human trafficking. The IC3 Missions Funds' purpose is to provide resources in vulnerable communities to create businesses and jobs to improve lives around the world.  This is the why we’re doing what we do.