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We are a global Private Equity Firm that utilizes a proprietary system of insurance, real estate and hard money tactics to safely grow our partners investments.


About Us

SilverWind Capital Investment Co LLC is a global Private Equity Firm. Headquartered in the Seattle, Washington Area, we utilize a proprietary system of insurance, real estate and hard money processes to safely grow our Partners investments while emphasizing Capital preservation. Our proven investment philosophy is consistent with built-in flexibility to allow for capital to shift strategies, asset classes, and geographies based on prevailing opportunities.

Inside Business

Business & Real Estate Acquisition

Energy Efficient Housing Development

Infinite Banking


Hard Money

Private Money

Investor Opportunities

IC3 Mission Fund



We are always actively looking for investors (anyone with an asset they want to ‘leverage’) that are a good fit to partner with us. 

We create custom investment programs for each investor and  everything you invest is insured.


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